The Evil Within 2 Used Denuvo, Then Dumped it Before Launch


Bethesda's third-person survival horror game The Evil Within 2 appears to have chosen Denuvo to protect it from pirates, then dumped it at the last minute. Preview code sent out to reviewers reportedly contained the anti-tamper technology but the final release version has been confirmed clean. If true, this tops off the most disastrous few days in Denuvo's history.

Epic Sues ‘Fortnite’ Cheaters For Copyright Infringement

Game developer and publisher Epic is taking 'Fortnite' cheating very seriously. After banning thousands of accounts, the company has now filed lawsuits against two prolific cheaters of the popular Battle Royale game. "Nobody likes a cheater. And nobody likes playing with cheaters," Epic notes.

Pirate Bay is Mining Cryptocurrency Again, No Opt Out

The Pirate Bay is mining cryptocurrency again, causing a spike in CPU usage among many visitors. For now, the notorious torrent site provides no option to disable it. The new mining expedition is not without risk. CDN provider Cloudflare previously suspended the account of a site that used a similar miner, which means that The Pirate Bay could be next.

Kim Dotcom Plots Hollywood Execs’ Downfall in Wake of Weinstein Scandal


In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Kim Dotcom is offering support to victims of similar abuse. The entrepreneur says he'll find funding for a class-action lawsuit exposing the crimes of high-ranking Hollywood executives. Five years after the Megaupload raid, it seems that having a shared enemy could bring kindred spirits together.

Cloudflare CEO Has to Explain Lack of Pirate Site Terminations


Adult entertainment publisher ALS Scan will be allowed to depose Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince, a request that was triggered by the Daily Stormer saga. According to the court, there are grounds to ask the CEO why he has not used his authority to terminate pirate sites. The questioning should be narrowly tailored towards this issue and limited to two hours.

Sweden Supreme Court: Don’t Presume Prison Sentences For Pirates


In the wake of a case involving the administrator of a now-defunct private torrent tracker, Sweden's Supreme Court has handed down an important ruling. Following requests from prosecutors seeking jail sentences for copyright infringement, the Court has ruled that the offense is not one where the presumed sentence should be imprisonment.

Roku Shows FBI Warning to Pirate Channel Users


The popular media player Roku is flashing an FBI anti-piracy warning to users of "pirate" channels, including XTV. After been shown the FBI's well known anti-piracy seal, users are informed that unauthorized copying is punishable under federal law and that the associated channel was removed.