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Residing in Ottawa, the GTA, Kanata, or Nepean? Are you considering expanding your living space or unlocking new streams of income for your family? Look no further than Goliath Basements for all your basement renovation needs. Basements are equipped with all the essential utilities, including water, electricity, drainage, and heating. They boast robust foundations, walls, and roofs, often comprising the most costly elements of home construction. Converting your basement into a finished space not only offers additional room for your growing family but also presents an affordable means of achieving it.

More Room for the Family

Time flies, and it seems like our children grow up in the blink of an eye. Soon, they’ll crave a space of their own or invite friends over for movie nights. A self-contained family studio apartment is a brilliant idea and one that many parents consider to maintain their sanity.

Reach out to Goliath Basements, and our team of experts will provide practical insights into your plans. We specialize in basement finishing and can help you design the ideal solution to expand your family’s living area.

Perhaps you’re contemplating a playroom for your tweens, a combination of hobby room, music studio, or a home theater. But it doesn’t stop there. The benefits of creating a home within your home extend to:

  • Live-in accommodation for a caregiver for your children.
  • A place for your college-bound child to reside, complete with their own laundry facilities.
  • A post-graduation haven for your child who’s landed their first job but seeks affordable living close to the city.
  • Independent living space for elderly parents or in-laws, where they can maintain their independence under your watchful eye.

How About Renting Out a Second Suite?

Alternatively, your finished basement can be a source of additional income. In 2005, Ottawa City approved secondary dwelling units in most areas of the city. If you still have an unfinished basement or recently moved, we can guide you on the legal and practical aspects of converting your basement into a rental unit. Share your ideas and budget with Goliath Basements, and we’ll design and construct a finished basement ready for profitable rental.

For those who own units built before these regulations, there’s an opportunity to upgrade to meet zoning, fire, and building codes, transforming your existing second suite into a legal rental. Speak to Goliath Basements, and we’ll provide a quote to bring your current second suite up to standard. This investment will provide peace of mind when it’s time to sell your property.

Moreover, as you and your partner retire and find your main house too large to manage, you may not want to relocate. Instead, consider moving into the self-contained studio apartment in the basement and renting out the main house upstairs. This arrangement offers the dual advantage of easy-to-maintain living space for you and an additional source of income during retirement.

Why Choose Goliath Basements?

First and foremost, we are proud members of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association. We welcome the opportunity for you to request a quote and compare it with offers from other companies—we encourage it. With 300 to 500 basement renovations completed annually, our team is well-versed in the intricacies of basement finishing. Our initial estimates are provided without obligation. Renovating a basement is a substantial project, and an accurate quote can only be provided after an in-person assessment. We take the time to evaluate your basement’s current state and potential.

Here’s why you should choose Goliath Basements:

  • We provide written quotations that ensure transparency, even when you’re on a budget. We use only top-quality construction materials for long-lasting results.
  • Our teams consist of fully trained professionals or individuals under supervised training.
  • We adhere to construction standards that meet or exceed current provincial and national codes.
  • We handle all relevant insurance and permit applications on your behalf.
  • We maintain safe and organized workplaces, prioritizing the safety of our employees and clients alike.

Bring Your Plans to Life

Everyone’s vision for their basement is unique, and that’s what makes each project special. Whether you dream of a legal rental, a second suite, or a studio apartment and hobby room for personal use, rest assured that we can turn your plans into reality!

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