Basement Underpinning

Basement Underpinning - Elevate Your Living Space

At Goliath Basements, we’re not just about renovating basements; we’re about transforming them into remarkable living spaces. Are you tired of feeling cramped in your basement with low ceilings? Do you dream of converting your 7ft basement into a spacious 9ft masterpiece? Look no further than our basement underpinning services, where we elevate your basement’s height to new levels of comfort and luxury.

Your Trusted Basement Underpinning Experts

With a stellar reputation as a leading Toronto basement finishing company, Goliath Basements has a proven track record in basement underpinning. Our commitment to delivering top-notch service sets us apart. Customer satisfaction is our guiding principle, ensuring you’re delighted with the results.

What is Basement Underpinning?

Imagine the possibilities of having a deeper, more expansive basement space. Basement underpinning, also known as basement lowering, is the key to turning your cramped 7ft basement into a lofty 9ft haven. Not only does this method unlock additional living space, but it also enhances your property’s value.

Benefits of Our Basement Lowering Service

  • Expanded Living Space: Gain the benefits of increased living space without the complexities of building home additions.
  • Preserves Home Footprint: Our basement underpinning services won’t interfere with your home’s exterior features, preserving its original footprint.
  • Streamlined Permit Approval: Achieve additional living space without the lengthy permit process associated with building home additions.
  • Cost-Effective: Basement underpinning offers added living space at an affordable cost, making it an attractive investment.

Types of Basement Underpinning We Offer

  • Crawl Space Conversion: We can transform a crawl space into a fully functional basement. By excavating beneath the crawl space and constructing walls, we create a livable basement space.
  • Bench Footing: Our bench footing technique involves installing new foundation walls by digging down from the internal wall just above the existing foundations. This creates a bench between the wall and floor, optimizing space.

When you entrust us with your basement underpinning project, we provide expert recommendations based on your specific basement type, house layout, and budget.

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