Costs of an Egress Window Installation

Embarking on the journey of basement renovations often encompasses measures to enhance safety, functionality, and overall comfort. Incorporation of egress windows perfectly sums up this triad. At Goliath Basements, we value your security and peace of mind, ensuring your basement renovation doesn’t just improve the aesthetics but also accentuates the safety of your living space.

What are Egress Windows

What are Egress Windows?

Principally built to serve as emergency exits during house fires or other disasters, egress windows are mandated by building codes in several regions. Their application also introduces an abundance of natural light, making your basement a more comfortable and inviting place.

How Much Does an Egress Window Cost?

The usual cost range for egress window installation in Ontario falls between approximately $2,400 and $5,300. Basic above-ground egress windows can be installed starting at $800, while below-ground options may incur costs of up to $8,000+. The overall cost of your egress window installation is determined through multiple variables. From window types and labor charges to glass quality, geographic conditions, and much more, here’s an examination of the facets contributing to your overall expense.

Egress Window Cost Factors

  1. Type of Window
    Selection of the window type predominantly impacts your cost, varying based on styles like casement, double-hung, sliding, single-hung, or in-swing windows. Each type brings along its financial implications, considering the operational mechanisms and materials used.
  1. Labor Charges:
    Professional installation is essential, with costs reliant on the installer’s expertise, the complexity of work, and the types of windows employed. Pricing typically oscillates between $40 to $100 per hour.
  1. Quality of Glass:
    The type of glass used in your egress window determines its cost, appearance, and functionality. You have three options: single-pane, double-pane, and triple-pane, each influencing both energy efficiency and cost. For single-pane, costs can vary between $50 and $400, while double-pane ranges from $200 to $500 or more. Triple-pane options can also vary, typically falling within the range of $500 to $1,000.
  1. Geographic Considerations:
    Location can affect installation depth based on factors such as fluctuating water table levels and weather conditions. It might also impact labor and material costs.
  1. Permits and Legalities:
    Given that egress windows are a mandatory compliance feature, permits are generally required. Costs for these permits vary, and you should check your local regulations for a precise estimation.
  1. Additional Materials:
    Additional costs may accrue for the window well, drain system, covers, and other materials needed.

    While considering these cost factors, it’s crucial to remember that each cost component is linked to a corresponding value proposition, enhancing your home’s safety, overall value, and comfort. At Goliath Basements, our commitment to providing quality services while ensuring safety guarantees smooth sailing through your egress window installation journey.

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